How to wrap text in Google sheets (free PDF)

Some people use Google Sheets to manage text. For example, some people use a Google Sheet with rows and columns that contain detailed descriptions of specific software features; others use a Google Sheet to serve as a planning and/or project tracking tool, with text that describes key project milestones, details, and future actions. These Google Sheets often contain more text than numbers.

By default, text in a Google Sheet cell is aligned to the left and bottom side of a cell, with the text overflowing any adjacent blank cells. Unless Google Sheet cell formatting is changed, these options may make your spread-sheet difficult to read. Often, three text alignment adjustments helps make a Google Sheet with many text fields easier to read.

Learn how to adjust each of these settings, both in Google Sheets in the Chrome browser on a computer, as well as in the Google Sheets app for either Android or iOS in this free TechRepublic PDF download.

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