Kubernetes security guide (free PDF)

Kubernetes containers are now highly prevalent in multi-cloud environments and are being deployed widely across a variety of industries. As more companies adopt and scale their Kubernetes systems, security has to be a major point of interest. Otherwise, your containers, their underlying technologies, and your data could be at risk.

The following free PDF download from TechRepublic provides Kubernetes deployments security best practices from Portshift, tips to keep Kubernetes safe at scale, and investigates why security concerns are hampering adoption of containers and Kubernetes.

From the download:

Anyone that has followed Kubernetes and containers over the past few years knows that security has become a central point of failure for this technology. Security issues can arise
from nearly any point—from container images, runtime engines, poorly secured networks, etc. So for any business looking to adopt container technology, the importance of security cannot be overstated.

Portshift recently released a best practices list for tackling the security issues surrounding the K8s platform. Let’s look at these security tips.

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