Learning programming languages for free: GitHub’s best guides for Java developers (free PDF)

If you want to learn an in-demand programming language then Java has been a safe bet for many years.

As an enterprise mainstay and web fixture, Java is likely to remain popular among employers for a long time to come.

Though Java may have taken a hit on the mobile recently, with Google announcing it will prioritize Kotlin over Java when making tools and guides for Android developers, Java is still widely used for Android development.

It’s perhaps no surprise then, that Java is still ranked as the most popular programming language by the TIOBE index and as one of the programming languages most sought after by employers.

The pace of change in Java has also never been faster, with new releases of the language now being pushed out every six months and plenty of interesting changes in the pipeline, which will tackle everything from improving how the language handles concurrency to optimizing regularly called code.

There are plenty of free guides out there for learning Java, but if you’re looking for a place to start you could do a lot worse than GitHub, which has an array of tutorials, primers, and code examples.

Here are the 10 highest-ranked, English-language repositories on GitHub designed to help those learning Java.

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