Linux: The 7 best distributions for new users (free PDF)

The age-old question has returned, one that divides a certain community faster than a penguin can devour a mouthful of krill. That question? What are the best Linux distributions for new users?

When you ask the question of the Linux community, they inevitably answer with the distribution they use. Why wouldn’t they? Loyalty has always been set at a fairly high bar with Linux. You find a distribution that’s perfect for you, and you want everyone to use it. Thing is, you probably forget that your Linux skills are likely considerably higher than the average user–and especially the new user.

Think back to when your knowledge of the platform was at its most basic. Would you recommend an Arch-based Linux distribution or openSUSE to a new user? Remember, we’re talking
about people who’ve never laid eyes on the Linux operating system.

There are Linux distributions perfectly suited for that user type–7. Find out what those distributions are in this free PDF download from TechRepublic.

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