macOS Monterey: A cheat sheet (free PDF)

During the keynote of Apple’s WWDC21 conference on June 7, 2021, the company announced its long-awaited new macOS: Monterey (also known as macOS 12). Like WWDC 2020, this year’s week-long conference aimed at developers around the world is virtual and free to the public via Apple’s website, the Apple Developer app, the Apple TV app and YouTube.

With macOS Monterey, Apple is sticking with the theme of naming its OSs after California locales. This version of macOS offers many new features for users, including Universal Control, Shortcuts and AirPlay for iMac, updated capabilities in FaceTime, a redesign for Safari (including Tab Groups) and more.

This macOS Monterey cheat sheet details the operating system’s main features, lists which devices support the OS, explains how to get it and more. We’ll update this macOS 12 guide when new features are released. Learn more in this free PDF download from TechRepublic.

In the download:

  • What is macOS Monterey?
  • What are the main features of macOS Monterey?
  • Which devices support macOS Monterey?
  • When can I get macOS Monterey?
  • And more!

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