Microsoft’s Jeff Teper discusses SharePoint, Teams Meetings and more (free PDF)

As the back end for Teams, Microsoft’s SharePoint has been in some ways the sleeper hit of the pandemic. While the technology powering it has changed beyond recognition from the 2001 SharePoint Portal Server release, the original ideas of content collaboration, enterprise search and information organisation that made it the fastest Microsoft product to generate a billion dollars have remained intact.

The way the underlying SharePoint architecture has changed reflects both technology and culture changes within Microsoft over the years. Talking to TechRepublic just after the 20th anniversary celebrations for SharePoint, Jeff Teper—now corporate vice-president for Microsoft 365 collaboration and responsible for Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive—suggested that it summed up “my twenty-year journey from top-down waterfall and chaotic agile, to a middle way, which is intentional planned but loosely coupled execution.”

Read more from Jeff Teper in this exclusive TechRepublic interview.

In this free PDF download from TechRepublic:

  • “From top-down waterfall and chaotic agile, to a middle way”: Microsoft’s Jeff Teper on 20 years of developing SharePoint
  • “My goal is not to get everybody on the planet in Teams meetings all day long”: Microsoft’s Jeff Teper on the future of collaboration
  • And more!

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