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With over 8.2 million developers using Python, the popularity of the Python programming language can’t be denied. Since the first release in 1990, Python has gained public support in academia and business, being used extensively in artificial intelligence and machine learning, serving as the underpinning of OpenStack, as well as powering the cloud file storage service Dropbox.

This extensibility makes Python an excellent programming language for junior developers to get started with, but also one that remains applicable at scale, as Python is used extensively for real-world applications.

This cheat sheet from TechRepublic explores what Python is used for and how it compares to other programming languages, and provides resources for learning the language. Learn more in this free PDF download.

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Python is an interpreted programming language (also called a scripting language), created in 1990 by Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum, following his experience working on the education-focused ABC language at CWI. Python differs from other programming languages, as it prioritizes code readability and use of whitespace over compact, tiny source files.
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