Sample file: How to combine two new PowerPoint features to increase productivity

This is the demonstration file to accompany the article, How to combine two new PowerPoint features to increase productivity, by Susan Harkins.

From the intro of this PowerPoint tutorial:

Nobody wants to work harder than they have to and creating a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation from scratch can suck up your time like a black hole. It’s tedious and let’s face it, a good presentation requires a bit of artistic know-how, which most of us just don’t have. We know what we like, but we don’t always know how to achieve the images we see in our mind.

Fortunately, PowerPoint can now create your entire presentation for you, leaving a nearly complete presentation that will require only a little tweaking from you. In this article, I’ll show you how to combine Word to PowerPoint and PowerPoint’s new artificial intelligence Designer to create a new presentation in seconds. It’s not magic, but it certainly seems like it when you consider the time you’re going to save.

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