Security threats on the horizon: What IT pros need to know (free PDF)

Cybersecurity breaches are nothing new. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, IT teams have struggled to keep up with the ever-evolving array of cyberthreats. Just this year, cybercriminals have used the pandemic, and the changes to the nature of work, to unleash a wave of spam, malware, phishing scams, coronavirus-related business email compromise attempts, SMS phishing, and credential theft attacks. These cyberthreats show no signs of slowing down.

Cybersecurity professionals must be prepared for future security threats. TechRepublic is here to help. Learn about the biggest cybersecurity trends IT pros should watch out for in 2021 in this free PDF ebook from TechRepublic.

For example, find out how adversaries will exploit vulnerabilities across each of the core service categories
of cloud—SaaS (software as-a-service), PaaS (platform as-a-service), and IaaS (infrastructure as-a-service);
how bad actors will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to evade cybersecurity defenses and make
breaches faster and more efficient; and the trouble ahead for IoT device makers and customers due to expired
root SSL certificates, plus so much more.

Also in the ebook:

  • 9 data security trends IT departments should expect in 2021
  • IoT security, neglected infrastructure, and a crisis of trust deemed major threats for 2022
  • Expiring security certificates may start shutting down IoT devices
  • IT pros see increased workload and security threats amid shift to remote working
  • Expanding threat landscape is biggest concern, cybersecurity analysts tell Gartner
  • 3 ways criminals use artificial intelligence in cybersecurity attacks
  • Wi-Fi security: FBI warns of risks of using wireless hotel networks
  • Vulnerable supply chains introduce increasingly interconnected attack surfaces
  • And more!

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