Shut down: 10 tech and operational tips for closing an office or facility (free PDF)

One of the unfortunate disadvantages to the success of remote work is that it can mean the closure of physical sites. Closing facilities might also be the outcome of economic downturn and lost revenue.

Eliminating physical facilities can save organizations money, but this can also adversely impact the employees still working who now face the prospect of a permanent work-from-home arrangement.

It’s likely you will see stress and trauma among workers who had hoped to return to on-site locations once the pandemic got under control and then had to deal with the prospect of no further face-to-face business contact, less time spent with friends on the job, challenges focusing on work from a crowded or chaotic home, and the logistics of dealing with physical assets like computers, printers and printed material.

This free PDF download from TechRepublic shares ten important considerations businesses should analyze when making the decision to shut down a physical site.

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