Soft skills: A business user’s guide (free PDF)

Coding, API knowledge, hardware understanding–these are hard skills that most people think of when it comes to their job skills. But along with automation, soft skills are becoming increasingly important. These are people skills–both how you work with other skills and how you manage yourself.

More than one quarter (35%) of recruiters said they consider soft skills as a leader factor affecting future recruiting trends, according to a GreatResumes Fast. The report found soft skills and culture fit to be deciding factors for employers when screening candidates.

Soft skills are important across industries, but especially for those in more technical fields, as they may not come as easily to technically minded individuals. Some of the most in-demand soft skills include conflict management, time management, stress management, and communication, a recent Udemy report found.

How does a tech pro improve their soft skills? The free PDF download from TechRepublic is here to help.

In the download:

  • Soft skills you need to know
  • How to show your soft skills on your resume
  • How IT leaders can learn and master new skills
  • Stress reduction tips and much more!

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