The 10 most important cyberattacks of the decade (free PDF)

Since 2010, billions of sensitive files, personal information and account details have been leaked thanks to devastating hacks and damaging breaches.

As more sensitive personal data has made its way online, the size and impact of breaches has steadily increased throughout the decade. Attacks have hit almost every sector and show no signs of slowing down as more people are forced to entrust the safety of personal information to various websites.

This free PDF download from TechRepublic takes a look back at the largest hacks of the decade–not just the ones that were the biggest, but the ones that were
game-changers in how we approach security.

In the download:


Yahoo – 2013

Yahoo deserves the first mention because of the sheer size of its breach and the damaging effect it had on the company’s ability to compete as an email and search engine platform.
In 2013, all three billion of Yahoo’s accounts were compromised, making the breach the largest in the history of the internet. It took the company three years to notify the public that everyone’s names, email addresses, passwords, birth dates, phone numbers and security answers had been sold on the Dark Web by hackers.

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