Top 10 IT trends of the last 20 years (free PDF)

This free TechRepublic PDF download takes a look at the top trends in enterprise IT over the last 20 years.

This list is presently alphabetically–feel free to debate their order of importance among your colleagues and friends.

From the download:


This is a concept, not a thing. In my definition, big data begins at the point when your organization’s data grows faster than your IT department’s ability to manage it. Computer department staffers used to leave work on time, except maybe when they were extinguishing a fire or writing code. Now, data management is a specialty field.


We wrote client programs to interact with green screens, then we coded for DOS and Windows PCs, and now the user experience is all about responsive browsers (and mobile apps, too). That means more planning is needed for varying user interfaces, along with prioritizing data states when connectivity is interrupted. On the plus side, it’s easier to learn than in the old days.

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