Top 5 programming languages data admins should know (free PDF)

Database admins strive to ensure that large chunks of data are both accessible and stored with integrity. By using these programming languages, they can keep systems optimized. Read on in this free PDF download from TechRepublic.

From the download:

I don’t fancy myself a programmer. I can hold my own (sometimes) with certain languages, such as Bash and PowerShell. And while I can follow the logic with other languages, like HTML and JavaScript, programming is not my cup of tea.

For admins who are wizards with databases (DB) or those who wish to develop their IT knowledge base and possibly meld their programming and systems/data management skills, specializing in DBA is a great (and potentially lucrative) way to proceed forward in your IT career.

The programming languages below represent the top five that IT pros should be learning to put themselves in the best position for a DBA job–whether you’re just starting out or wanting to change gears, the languages below will help make it happen.

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