Top 5 programming languages for network admins to learn (free PDF)

Network admins can find themselves spread a bit thin during these times of remote work while trying to provide support for all users. Leveraging programming to automate common tasks may help.

In this free PDF download from TechRepublic, network admins and engineers can learn about the best programming languages for the job. These languages will also serve you well if you’re looking to transition into another role, perhaps even presenting opportunities you weren’t aware of moving forward.

From the download:

In the first article in this series focusing on the top 5 languages for systems admins, I wrote about not being too fond of programming. To recap, it’s not because I don’t see the value behind it, because I whole-heartedly do. I mean, creating your own apps to manage client devices and make them do exactly what you want them to do is incredible as far as I’m concerned.

My hesitation stems partly from frustration as it’s not a natural talent for me and can—at times—take me some time to develop the solution I need.

But it’s very cool when you get that script refined, tested, and put into production to handle redundant tasks that might otherwise saddle your workload. Now more than ever, I’ve personally been leaning much more heavily on automation since I find myself wearing more than one hat while working remotely and supporting any number of departments, users, and stakeholders in new and varied ways.

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