Top 5 programming languages for security admins to learn (free PDF)

Cybersecurity is the fastest-growing field in IT today. From the dire need to protect infrastructures globally to ensure that communications are secured to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of data—while still assuring its availability—each facet of every system depends on the utmost security protections to keep threat actors at bay.

There’s a saying in the computer security world: “Hackers only need to get it right once; we have to get it right every time.” While it’s discouraging to think of the never-ending, uphill battle cybersecurity professionals have before them, the saying is 100% accurate. Also, it is something security admins have come to know and understand as an integral part of their job function.
As your career in computer security grows, the need to protect critical infrastructure, applications, and software will only grow exponentially.

The programming languages mentioned in this free PDF download from TechRepublic will assist professionals in working smarter but not harder by automating defensive tasks, performing penetration tests that will aid in identifying bugs and malicious code, and writing code that serves to patch security holes.

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