Top 5 programming languages web developers should know (free PDF)

The following languages will help current and new web developers navigate the programming landscape to code web-based services and apps that are stable and secure.

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In the last decade more and more applications have found their way to the cloud via web-based applications that work uniformly on almost any device running just about any operating system. Arguably, the days of using an OS for a specific application are largely behind us. Now, we can store data on the cloud, access it from the web app, modify it to our hearts’ content, and then save it, upload it, or share it with just a few taps or clicks.

At the center of this growth is, of course, the internet and the migration of many applications evolving into services running on remote, cloud-based hardware. This eliminates many of the resource requirements to properly run the app to a minimum set of requirements, largely based around the version of OS on your device.

Behind all services is a talented team of web developers that code each piece of the puzzle that makes up the overall experience—from the website or portal itself to the connection to back-end systems from the UI experience to the security protocols that secure it all for hundreds of thousands of users. And they do this with a nearly identical experience for each unique user daily and with speedy precision.

For those who have coding skills or are working tirelessly to polish them, below is a collection of the most in-demand programming languages used to develop (and maintain) these services.

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