Top IT certifications to increase your salary (free PDF)

According to a Global Knowledge report, the more IT certifications you have, the higher the paycheck.

While certifications do demand both time and money, IT professionals aren’t hesitating to get certifications because they realize the value. In North America, for example, an individual with at least six IT certifications makes $10,000 more than those with just one, according to the report.

Certifications aren’t limited to the employee, but are also good for the organization as a whole. By gaining additional skills, employees are better at closing skills gaps, meeting client requirements, productivity, and completing projects quicker.

What are the most popular certifications for IT professionals? Which certifications will help IT pros earn the most? What certifications do employees want potential employers to have? Find out in this freeTechRepublic PDF download.

In the download:

  • CompTIA offers remote certification exams, extends exam voucher expiration dates due to coronavirus
  • 11 popular IT certifications and cross-certifications that pay the most
  • Top IT certifications that pay the highest salaries
  • Cisco retools CCNA, CCNP and CCIE, adds DevNet Associate and Professional certifications
  • PMI offers free project management courses during COVID-19 quarantines
  • And more!

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