Windows 10: Lists of vocal commands for speech recognition and dictation (free PDF)

Practically from the beginning, navigating commands in Microsoft Windows has been made easier by the inclusion of keyboard shortcut combinations. For some people, these shortcuts are often faster than using the mouse and the GUI. However, for some tasks, an even more efficient method for commanding Windows 10 is available—speech recognition and the power of vocal commands.

The list of potentially useful vocal commands for the Windows 10 speech recognition feature is considerable. Recognized commands range from simple tasks like opening applications to more complex jobs like editing documents. While it is not likely a user will remember all the various commands, it is possible that more than a few vocal commands will be useful enough to become a standard part of their Windows 10 tool kit.

Learn more about Windows 10 voice commands for speech recognition and dictation in this free PDF download from TechRepublic.

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