Windows 11 cheat sheet: Everything you need to know (free PDF)

Microsoft made its newest operating system, Windows 11, publicly available on October 5, 2021 — a little over six years after Windows 10 debuted. Windows 11 offers several updates and new features, including a simpler design intended to increase productivity, ease of use and creativity, ways to connect to people faster, better PC gaming experiences, faster ways to get information you need, an all-new Microsoft Store, and a more open ecosystem that unlocks new opportunities for developers and other creators.

This Microsoft Windows 11 cheat sheet details the operating system’s main features, lists system requirements for the OS, explains how and when to get it and more.

In the download:

  • What is Windows 11?
  • What new features come with Windows 11?
  • What are the system requirements for Windows 11?
  • What are feature-specific requirements for Windows 11?
  • When will Windows 11 be released, and how can I get it?
  • And more!

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