Windows, Linux, and Mac commands everyone needs to know (free PDF)

Living and working in an always-connected world means the quality and reliability of your network connection is vital to practically everything you do on your computer or mobile device. Maintaining a quality network connection, and troubleshooting a connection that fails, are basic skills that everyone should, at the very least, be familiar with.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer Windows, Linux or macOS, most operating systems have basic commands to make troubleshooting network issues a breeze.

Do you know how to force an unresponsive Mac to shut down, or how to find the name your computer uses to identify itself to other devices and servers on your local network in Linux? Are you curious to learn which command displays the basic IP address configuration information for your Windows device? TechRepublic is here to help and share even more user-friendly commands for Windows 10, Linux and macOS in this free PDF ebook download.

In the download:

  • Ten Windows 10 network commands everyone should know
  • 9 network commands every Linux admin should know
  • macOS Terminal commands every Mac user should know
  • And much more!
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