5 successful smart city projects (free PDF)

Smart cities have been promised for years. The rise of more powerful mobile devices, sensors, and the promise of 5G connectivity means we may be getting closer to realizing the benefits of a smart city.

From vehicle-to-infrastructure projects, which have the potential to make sidewalks and streets safer, to harnessing the cloud, and IoT-enabled smart benches, several cities across the US and Europe are becoming smarter.

This TechRepublic ebook details five innovative smart city projects.

In the ebook:

  • Smart traffic system will clear intersections for emergency vehicles in Columbus
  • How Memphis is utilizing fiber and the cloud to become a smarter city
  • Paris’ beautiful park benches are also smart, thanks to IoT devices
  • Cleveland’s streetlight upgrade builds smart city backbone
  • How Atlanta is transforming itself into one of the top smart cities in the world

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