Chatbot trends: How organizations are leveraging AI chatbots (free PDF)

Businesses are increasingly using chatbots and other types of artificial intelligence (AI) to handle customer service calls.

On the plus side, chatbots can save companies time and money and free up employees to focus on other tasks. On the negative side, chatbots can frustrate and annoy customers if the interaction goes awry or doesn’t achieve the desired outcome.

Whether you love them or hate them—chatbots are here to stay. Modern chatbots have become an important part of building a support service. Whether for customers or internal staff, chatbots are key to reducing the load on support and call-centre staff, giving callers a machine-learning-based self-service route to quick answers and to triage queries before passing them on to humans.

Learn more about how organizations are leveraging AI chatbots in this free PDF download from TechRepublic.

In the ebook:

  • Chatbot use surges amid pandemic as digital transformation accelerates
  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agents: Now you can build no-code chatbots without developers
  • Hospital using chatbot to screen coronavirus patients
  • Eighth grader builds IBM Watson powered AI chatbot for students making college plans
  • Chatbots are best at giving directions, humans win at everything else
  • US consumers warming up to customer service chatbots but obstacles remain
  • And more!

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