Database-as-a-Service for Dummies

A new era of database management has begun. As with so many other services, databases have now been imbued with “as a service” goodness through various database-as-a-service (DBaaS) deployments. However, whereas some DBaaS solutions focus on a single platform or only on public cloud-based databases, most enterprises instead need a multi-platform DBaaS solution that supports workloads that run both on-premises and in the cloud.

Moreover, at the same time that databases have become more critical, database skills have become more scarce and increasingly expensive. What’s needed is a solution that fully streamlines the database,
from hardware to software to operations.

In this short but exciting journey, you’ll learn how Nutanix has tackled and tamed some of the most challenging aspects of databases. From providing a robust platform on which to run
databases, to supporting databases on-premises and in the cloud, to abstracting database management functions to create a common operational paradigm, Nutanix is helping organizations get more from these important environments while also helping to bring down costs.

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