eGuide: M2M: Changing the way we live and do business

Machine-to-machine communication (M2M) is all about protecting people, making services more responsive, business offerings more profitable, and ensuring that money, gasoline, and time can be conserved rather than wasted.

By leveraging a massive, secure wireless network, machines across disparate locations (from the middle of a city to a remote desert location) can collect and share data, send reports, get instructions, and modify their functions — often completely autonomously.

CBS Interactive is proud to present “M2M: Changing the way we live and do business,” a comprehensive guide to M2M technology, chock full of tips about how you can incorporate M2M into your business strategy.

  • Discover, as an example, how M2M is transforming energy distribution and consumption, conserving energy, reducing costs, and saving money
  • Explore another example: how M2M can give fleet managers greater control over their vehicles, all while reducing the load on our roads and bridges and saving money
  • Learn how the cloud has become the central nervous system for M2M and why cloud computing and M2M are perfect partners

Don’t miss “M2M: Changing the way we live and do business,” a comprehensive guide introducing you to M2M and its many benefits to your business. Each page in this guide is chock full of fascinating resources and ways for you to learn more about how Verizon and M2M can benefit your organization.

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