Evernote: A business user’s guide (free PDF)

Evernote puts your notes in the cloud so you can grab them from anywhere. This ebook runs through the features and capabilities you’ll want to know about so you can use this handy tool to simplify your business tasks.

From the ebook:

Pocket notebooks used to be ubiquitous. Novel indexing systems were devised, miniature pens and pencils perfect for pockets were developed, and a variety of small notebooks for personal and work use proliferated.

But that was then. Today the notebook has been replaced by another accessory pretty much everyone has in their pocket: A smartphone.

Most people take their notes digitally in the modern age, and the reasons are obvious: No more messy handwriting, runny ink, lost notebooks, flipping through pages, or poor organization (of which I’m guilty).

With the right app, the modern digital note is available wherever you go and whenever you need it. Like with Evernote.

Evernote is a note-taking app for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It stores notes, lists, and other work in the cloud, giving you access to all of them no matter what kind of machine you’re using. You can even access Evernote using its web client on systems that don’t have the app installed.

Evernote is also a valid option for businesses looking for collaborative workspace software, although anyone expecting it to be a full-fledged cloud office suite like G Suite or Office 365 will be disappointed. It’s designed more for organizing collaborative work, exchanging ideas, gathering research, and managing projects. This ebook will explain the basics of this note-taking platform.

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