Five skills you need to become a video game tester (free PDF)

If you’re looking to break into the electronic gaming field, the role of QA tester might be the right place to start. But just because you’re good at playing video games doesn’t mean you’ll be a good game tester. This ebook explains the qualities you’ll need to succeed in this role.

From the ebook:

Know the company, know the games
The gaming entertainment industry is composed of publishers, developers, and producers, all interacting with each other in various, often complicated, ways. To stand out, know the company you’re applying with backwards and forwards. Know the developers, animators, artists, and producers. Know what genre of game they’ve made in the past and what games they have on the market now. You should also have a good idea of the games they’re currently developing.

Establish your credentials
If you’ve ever beta tested a game, now is the time to highlight it. Beta tester is not the same as game tester, but it is a close cousin and will help demonstrate that you have approached a game as an editor and not just as a player, at least once. If you have ever edited or collaborated on the school newspaper, a term paper, or anything that shows you can objectively observe, critique, and troubleshoot, you should highlight that experience as well.

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