Goodbye Friction, Hello Flow: 6 Ways to Build Trust with Strong Customer Authentication

Virtually every business today is a technology business, relying on digital services in some way to serve and support their customers. The seamlessness of that online experience can make all the difference between a customer who makes a purchase and one who abandons their cart in frustration.

The pandemic has driven services online faster than ever. Things people were used to doing in person – shopping for groceries, attending a doctor’s appointment or a college class – are now increasingly likely to be done online. This has raised your customers’ expectations around their digital experience: they want to get to what they need conveniently and fast.

But the acceleration in online usage has also created a goldrush for hackers. The volume of cyberattacks reached record levels in 2021, with ransomware attacks alone doubling to 623 million. Stories of data breaches regularly hit the headlines, pushing security and privacy top of mind for customers, who trust that you’ll keep their personal data safe and treat it with respect.

Learn more about Okta’s 6 ways to build trust with strong customer authentication.

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