How to build a successful career as a DevOps engineer (free PDF)

DevOps is gaining momentum in the enterprise, leading to faster deployments, fewer service problems, and more employee loyalty–so it’s not surprising that qualified DevOps engineers are in high demand. This ebook details the skills, tools, and strategies that will help you contribute to your company’s DevOps implementations.

From the ebook:

Large enterprises, including Adobe, Amazon, and Target, are increasingly turning to DevOps as a way to deliver software and security updates more rapidly, both internally and to customers. And the spread of the workflow means there are more DevOps engineer positions available than ever.

DevOps engineer came in at no. 3 on Indeed’s list of best jobs in America for 2017, in terms of salary, number of job postings, and opportunities for growth. These positions grew by 106% in the past few years, Indeed found, and boast an average base salary of $123,165.

“While a raft of technical skills may be required for any given environment, the reality of DevOps engineering is one of frequent change,” said Matthew Boeckman, developer advocate at DevOps startup VictorOps. “Whether in deployment pipelines, systems architecture, or incident management, a DevOps engineer will be constantly challenged by new technology, complex problems, or dynamic roles.” This means a person in this position must be curious, motivated, and intelligent, Boeckman said.

Here are the top 10 skills that experts say DevOps engineers need to succeed on the job.

1. Soft skills
DevOps is about transforming the functional work experience between the development and operations teams by breaking down the silos, said Karthiga Sadasivan, director and head of DevOps at Happiest Minds Technologies. “A DevOps engineer would be required to be a bridge between the silos and bring different teams together to work towards a common goal,” she said.

People skills are key, but tend to be underappreciated, said Alan Zucker, founding principal of Project Management Essentials. As software engineers, DevOps professionals tend to look to tools rather than people and processes.

“Great DevOps engineers start by understanding the people, the culture, and how the organization runs,” Zucker said. “They then build a strategy that focuses on simplifying the overall operating environment to achieve the goal of continuous delivery.”

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