Implementing DevOps: A guide for IT pros (free PDF)

DevOps allows organizations to more rapidly deliver software and security updates internally and to customers. This ebook offers insights and advice on how companies can approach their transition to the DevOps model.

From the ebook:

In the past few years, DevOps transitioned from a tech buzzword to a proven method of delivering software more quickly and efficiently than in the past. Implementing DevOps practices during digital transformation leads to improved organizational performance and quality outcomes, one report found, with elite DevOps teams seeing 46x more frequent code deployments, and 2,555x faster lead time from commit to deploy.

Despite the benefits, most enterprise DevOps teams still struggle with how to get started in the workflow, according to a report from Puppet. To succeed in digital transformation in 2019, development and operations teams will have to learn how to best work together.

Here are three predictions on how DevOps will change in the new year, according to Tim Eusterman, senior director of solutions marketing at BMC Software.

The idea of “no-Ops” will lose its appeal
The notion that the development team can do it all when it comes to making the enterprise more agile has run its course, Eusterman said.

“In 2019, Ops will reassert its role in the DevOps team with a reinvigorated focus on key values by baking governance, production orchestration, stability, and scalability into the cake before it gets put into oven,” Eusterman said. “We suspect Dev will be delighted to have Ops back.”

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