Microsoft Build 2019: The biggest takeaways (free PDF)

At this year’s Build conference, Azure, AI, and conversational bots were among the key themes—along with some strategic cues for developers. This ebook looks at the highlights and analyzes the most significant announcements.

From the ebook:

Microsoft’s Build 2019 developer conference had a heavy dose of cloud, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things, as well as strategic points for Windows developers.

Build is touted as a developer event and it is to some degree. But Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also uses the conference to outline a bit of vision. Microsoft’s big vision this year revolved around cloud and Office 365, which is a part of the software buffet known as Microsoft 365.

Nadella’s keynote streamed on the Build 2019 website from Seattle, and Build 2019 kicked off as Microsoft just reported strong earnings, commercial cloud momentum, and hybrid cloud strength. Here’s everything that unfolded at Build 2019 by topic.

Microsoft Azure has been the lead dog for recent conferences from the software giant and Build 2019 wasn’t much different. In fact, Microsoft jumped the gun a bit ahead of Build 2019 with an announcement that it is making generally available the previously announced hardware-accelerated models running on its field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) that are available in Azure. Microsoft’s Project BrainWave—its project to use FPGAs to provide fast AI processing in Azure—entered preview.

Those additions are follow-ups to a series of announcements made last year at Build.

The argument from Microsoft is that Azure can be an artificial intelligence and Internet of Things engine. These tools can be the building blocks for new productivity experiences.

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