Python playbook: Upgrade info, new features, installation and usage tips, and more (free PDF)

Python has had a hugely successful run in 2020, with its ever-growing popularity helping it quickly rise up the ranks in programming language circles to contend closely with the likes of C, C++ and Java. Python has long been a top-loved programming language, simply because it’s easy to learn, easy to understand, and in short, just a great tool for those who have time to learn one language well, and hope to apply it broadly.

Whether you are just getting started with Python and need some help finding certifications, curious about new features and upgrades, or want some tips on creating and running a Python app or how to write four million lines of Python, this free PDF download from TechRepublic is for you.

In the download:

  • Python: Where to learn it and why you should do it now
  • Ultimate Python and AI certification bundle discounted 97%
  • Python programming: Version 3.5 is now out of support, so upgrade
  • Python programming: Microsoft’s new tool makes app testing easier for developers
  • Python 3.9.0rc2 is out: Most exciting new features
  • How to create and run a Python app
  • How to deploy a Jupyter Notebook for interactive Python development
  • How to install the IDLE Python IDE on Ubuntu Desktop 19.10
  • How to write four million lines of Python: Lessons from Dropbox on using the programming language at scale
  • And more!

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