Streaming Architecture: New Designs Using Apache Kafka and MapR Streams

New Designs Using Apache Kafka and MapR Streams

Life happens as a continuous flow of events (a stream). Ted Dunning and Ellen Friedman describe new designs for streaming data architecture that help you get real-time insights and greatly improve the efficiency of your organization.

At the heart of an effective stream-based architecture is the right message-passing technology. An emerging class of message-passing software, including Apache Kafka and MapR Streams, supports these design patterns.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize opportunities where streaming data may be useful
  • How to design streaming architecture for best results in a multi-user system
  • Why particular capabilities should be present in the message passing layer to take advantage of this type of design
  • Why stream-based architectures are helpful to support micro-services
  • The best tools for messaging and streaming analytics in a strong, stream-based design

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