The Big Data Transformation: Understanding Why Change is Actually Good for Your Business

Business executives today are well aware of the power of data, especially for gaining actionable insight into products and services. But how do you jump into the big data analytics game without spending millions on data warehouse solutions you don’t need? Discover how leading data-driven enterprises are leveraging Vertica to transform their Big Data initiatives and solve real business challenges. In this O’Reilly book, you’ll learn:

  • How one data storage company convinced both business and technical stakeholders to adopt an MPP analytical database
  • Why performance marketing technology company Criteo used a Center of Excellence (CoE) model for successful big data analytics endeavors
  • How YPSM used Vertica Analytics to speed up its Apache Hadoop-based data processing environment
  • Why Cerner adopted an analytical database to scale its health information technology platform
  • How Etsy drove success with the company’s big data initiative by avoiding common technical and organizational mistakes

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