The future of work: Tools and strategies for the digital workplace (free PDF)

From Fortune 500 enterprises to very small businesses, every organization has been thrust into the future faster than prognosticators dared dream. What factors will determine failure or success in this brave new world of work?

Find out in this free PDF download from TechRepublic and ZDNet.

In the download:

  • Working from home 101: Every remote worker’s guide to the essential tools for telecommuting
  • Research: Majority of enterprises rely on digital collaboration tools
  • VPNs, two-factor-authentication and more: Keeping your data safe from hackers while working from home
  • Switching it up: How companies managed remote working during a pandemic
  • Zoom aims to meld remote, in-office collaboration to prep for hybrid workplaces
  • Best VPN service in 2021: Safe and fast don’t come free
  • COVID-19 pandemic, remote work revamps IT investment priorities
  • More bosses are using software to monitor remote workers. Not everyone is happy about it
  • Best Wi-Fi router in 2021
  • Mesh networking vs. traditional Wi-Fi routers: What is best for your home office?
  • And more!

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