The Threat That Never Goes Away

While digital acceleration and work-from-anywhere strategies may have been driven by the uncertain times brought about by the global pandemic, they remain essential for any organization competing in today’s digital marketplace. However, that network transformation has also expanded the attack surface organizations need to protect, much of it in new, vulnerable edges. And cyber criminals have already begun targeting these new threat vectors with advanced malware and attack strategies.

Part of the challenge for IT teams is that there is just a lot more to protect. The need for new devices and software to support digital acceleration efforts has contributed to the growing volume of vulnerabilities being targeted by new or improved cyber threats.

And the problem is complicated further as the growing number of home networks leverages personal technologies to access business applications deployed in hybrid cloud and on-premises environments. And the opportunities for compromise continue to grow due to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)-the list of publicly disclosed computer security flaws-reaching an all-time high in 20211 and expected to continue to grow further during 2022.

Discover now how to overcome these challenges.

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