Working from home: How to get remote right (free PDF)

For many, their workplace has gone from open-floor plan offices and conference rooms to kitchen tables and video calls. In this special feature, ZDNet and TechRepublic help enterprises and SMBs alike navigate the technical and management challenges of a remote workforce. Find out more in this free PDF download.

In the download:

  • Remote work: 5 things every business needs to know
  • Research: How businesses get working
  • CIO Jury: Remote work will remain an option for 100% of employees after the pandemic
  • Setting goals for remote workers is hard. Here’s what managers need to know
  • How leading companies should be handling remote work
  • Fake collaboration apps are stealing data as staff struggle with home-working security
  • Working from home dilemma: How to manage your team, without the micro-management
  • WFH and burnout: How to be a better boss to remote workers
  • Fujitsu to redesign Singapore office to support flexible working
  • Returning to the 2021 office is anything but normal
  • And more!

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