Zero Trust Access for Dummies

As businesses continue to embrace digital innovation, cloud applications, and the new work-from-anywhere normal, enterprise networks have become far more complicated and dispersed with an ever growing number of edges. As a result, the network perimeter has all but disappeared. As more people and devices connect to the network from more places, the traditional perimeter-based approach to security, protecting the trusted corporate network from the untrusted internet, has become increasingly ineffective.

To protect this greatly expanded attack surface from modern threats, organizations must implement a “never trust, always verify” zero-trust model that incorporates rigorous access controls across the distributed network so that users, devices, endpoints, clouds, and infrastructure are all protected.

To successfully implement a zero trust access strategy, organizations must implement tightly integrated security solutions that deliver robust identity and access management, endpoint access control, network access control, and application access control to users and endpoints working from anywhere.

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