Slack Session: reinventing work

Organisations continue to reimagine and redevelop their model of work. Leaders are now faced with even more emerging challenges; extended physical separation, team health, and the newly dubbed ‘Great Resignation.’

Forward-thinking leaders are proactively listening to the needs and desires of employees. They know that by addressing any feelings of exhaustion and burn out with their teams – and providing productive, purposeful work – they won’t be left behind in the war for talent.

During this 60-minute virtual panel, Pip Marlow, CEO, Salesforce ANZ & ASEAN, Katrina Troughton,
Managing Director, IBM Australia and New Zealand, and leadership expert Holly Ransom will discuss:

  • Rethinking leadership, culture, flexibility and employee well-being
  • Empowering leaders to talk, listen and connect
  • Centring the way your people work and collaborate around a digital rather than a physical headquarters
  • All attendees will receive a digital copy of Holly Ransom’s book ‘The Leading Edge’

It’s time for you to front the leadership revolution. Are you in?

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