Free Trial Offer: Splunk Remote Work Insights for the New Work-from-Home Reality

The current global situation has accelerated change, many of Splunk’s customers around the world are rapidly shifting most or all of their employees to working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A university in Australia suspended all on-campus education activities and transitioned fully to online classes and work from home. Splunk RWI helps mitigate security risks, ensure the students and staff are connected and engaged, and provide immediate visibility plus insights for the leadership team to ensure security, operation and business continuity.

A U.S. public sector customer now manages a 30,000 remote workforce. Splunk RWI helps ensure the workforce can stay online and deliver emergency services to citizens.

A retail bank in the U.K. uses Splunk RWI to secure and monitor their 3,000 remote workforce in real time, ensuring its core business is up and running during the lockdown period.

This new remote world brings new challenges. How do you support workforce productivity? How can we ensure their WFH environments are secure?

Try out Splunk’s Remote Work Insights solution for free. It’s composed of technical add-ons, dashboards and connectors – designed to ensure systems critical to your business and workforce are up and running, and secure.

Sign-up to the free trial, which includes a free cloud instance for up to 90 days, as well as support from Splunk experts to onboard your data and setup the capabilities you need to be successful.

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