Interactive Monitors and The Buildings Blocks for Meeting Rooms

Developing a collaborative, agile workforce is the single most important concern to many employers these days, because it’s a means of ensuring organizational health and competitiveness.

As they face the challenges presented by recent worldwide business disruptions, employers nonetheless now are wrestling with how to prepare for a new, more flexible work model in terms of where and how employees work.

This means redesigned workplaces, new technologies, and continued or new support for collaboration between local and remote employees.

This is where the meeting room of the future comes in. It must support essential “in-the-office” employees collaborating with employees who still may be best served working from home (WFH).

This paper reports on the importance of collaborative technologies, the challenges those who use meeting room technologies today face and how to address those, the building blocks for meeting rooms, and the benefits of technologies such as interactive monitors (IMs) and PCs in the meeting room.

The fact is, information workers crave modern tools, and this paper shows how these technologies can lead to increased productivity, faster innovation, and a more engaged workforce.

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