The Inner Circle Guide to Agent Engagement & Empowerment

Engagement is about giving agents the environment, culture and systems to reach their potential, encouraging them to care about their customers and ultimately, the aims of the organisation in which they work.

Empowerment implies trust in these agents, and an acceptance that some of the tight control that has been a feature of traditional contact centres will be lost. Empowerment requires a cultural shift, and also providing agents with the tools, skills and knowledge to do their best job.

So how can agents become empowered? A few elements are:

  • System support to answer any query, with access to the customer’s history across every channel
  • Desktop applications that provide all of the relevant information in one place, without requiring agents to hunt it down
  • Recurrent queries are identified and answers disseminated via knowledge base / alerts
  • Skills and capabilities, via ongoing training
  • These factors, along with others, are looked at in-depth later in this report. Download now to find out more.

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