Building your Platform Engineering practice on AWS with Terraform

As business demands for software increase, ensuring development teams have self-service access to infrastructure, services, and tools is critical to delivering value at an accelerated pace. Platform Engineering has emerged as a practice that provides packaged capabilities that enable developers to build and deliver applications autonomously.

Join this webinar to learn how to use Infrastructure-as-Code to build a Platform Engineering practice. You’ll take away a roadmap for enabling developers to deliver features autonomously while DevOps, SRE, and security groups maintain visibility and adherence to best practices.

You will learn how to

  • Design an internal developer platform that empowers engineering teams, removes silos, reduces handoffs, and consolidates knowledge
  • Define clear boundaries to customize your platform offerings
  • Architect your Infrastructure-as-Code approach with modularity, reusability, and extensibility in mind
  • Leverage AWS-native services and tools, such as HashiCorp Terraform, Kong, and JFrog, from AWS Marketplace to build your platform engineering practice

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