How to use Feature Flagging and Progressive Delivery for safer, faster releases

Progressive deployment has emerged as a solution combining Continuous Delivery practices with Feature Management tooling to automate releasing new features to production safely while collecting user experience feedback in near-real time.

Join this webinar with The DevOps Institute and AWS to learn how to use progressive delivery patterns, including canaries and feature gates, to selectively expose users to new features. You’ll take away practical tips for implementation and guidance on how to leverage user experience data to build and deliver better features to customers.

You will learn how to

  • Choose the right progressive deployment technique for your applications and customers
  • Use feature flags and code instrumentation to control and understand performance and user experience
  • Safely test new features, find bugs before general availability (GA) releases, and selectively automate deployments
  • Leverage AWS native services and third-party tools from AWS Marketplace to implement an effective progressive deployment strategy

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