• Leveraging Modern Storage to Improve Availability

    White Papers // Mar 2017 // provided by Veeam Software UK

    IT teams continue to embrace virtualization and flash storage to improve agility and maintain predictable performance across critical business applications. In virtualized environments, however, availability and recoverability are critical issues that expose the limitations of legacy availability solutions. This is especially true when all-flash storage arrays are ...

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  • Controlling the Uncontrollable

    White Papers // Apr 2016 // provided by Microsoft

    Mobile devices are everywhere in the enterprise today, with many more devices on the way as companies embrace the mobile work world. Learn why you need to enable, protect, and manage mobile productivity end to end

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  • Magic Quadrant Report for Enterprise Search

    White Papers // Mar 2016 // provided by Lexmark International, Inc.

    Enterprise search technology relates users' queries to many different kinds of information in order to identify relevant, contextualized information and, in the process, perform light analysis. This Magic Quadrant report highlights enterprise search projects inspired by virtual personal assistants like Google Now and Apple's Siri are acquiring natural-language and analytical ...

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  • Top 20 Apple keyboard shortcuts for business users (free PDF)

    Downloads // Jan 2018 // provided by TechRepublic

    Having a go-to set of Apple keyboard shortcuts can greatly boost your users' productivity. Here are some handy tricks worth remembering. From the list: For Apple users, proprietary keys can be daunting at first, but they offer a host of timesaving shortcuts to make your workday easier. There ...

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  • Research: Apple's growing role in the enterprise (free, from Tech Pro Research)

    Research // Aug 2017 // provided by TechRepublic

    This archived Tech Pro Research report, originally published in June 2015, is available for free to registered TechRepublic members. For all the latest research reports, 100+ ready-made policies, IT job descriptions, and more, check out Tech Pro Research. From the report: For decades, Apple was relegated ...

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  • Boost your Mac productivity with these 10 techniques (free PDF)

    Ebooks // Apr 2017 // provided by TechRepublic

    From migrating settings and files between machines to accessing Remote Desktop to troubleshooting Bluetooth devices, Mac users encounter numerous features, options, and configuration challenges. This ebook rounds up a selection of practical tips and tricks to make their Mac lives easier and more efficient. From the ebook: For ...

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  • Leveraging The Cloud For Your Big Data Workloads

    White Papers // Jan 2016 // provided by IBM

    This report explores how with the right partner, enterprises can ensure that their Big Data workloads perform consistently, securely, and cost effectively while delivering to a line-of-business colleagues’ need for on-demand, real-time analytics to make smart business decisions.

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  • Apple Native Security - JAMF Software

    White Papers // Aug 2015 // provided by JAMF Software

    Enterprise information security is a never-ending battle against constantly evolving threats. Attackers are increasingly sophisticated and their attack vectors are always changing. The threat landscape is expanding, with new devices joining corporate networks every day. One solution to this security challenge is to embrace the Apple platform and take advantage ...

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  • The New Reality of Mac in Business

    White Papers // Aug 2015 // provided by JAMF Software

    With the global success of iPhone and iPad, many businesses are embracing the Apple platform. Along with these mobile devices, sales of Mac computers to business are growing. A decade ago, the Mac was an uncommon sight in many businesses and routinely ignored by corporate IT. Today, more and more ...

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  • The Modern Mobile Workforce

    White Papers // Aug 2015 // provided by JAMF Software

    The work of the modern, mobile workforce is no longer confined by place or by time. Mobile computers, wireless networking, and always-available online services allows for work to get done just about anywhere and at any time. For the modern IT Manager, this way of working offers new challenges and ...

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