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  • Backup is Changing, Are You Prepared?

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By Commvault

    Backup has changed significantly over the past decade, becoming increasingly more complex. No longer is it simply about backing up physical servers on premises to tape. Today, backup environments must cover physical servers across multiple locations, as well as virtual machines, endpoints, appliances and the cloud. On top...

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  • Data breaches and identity theft eBook by Singtel

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By Singtel

    Staying vigilant and being prepared will help to mitigate threats in your cyber blind spot. Realise the impact and best practices to meet today's challenges. With this eBook, uncover: The mechanic: How data breaches and identity theft occur Best practices: How companies can safeguard themselves Managing stakeholders:...

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  • Migrating to AWS

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By AWS

    Companies of all sizes are evolving their business, their processes, and their technologies to maintain a competitive advantage and to support changing business objectives. AWS provides a compelling environment for modern businesses to rapidly restructure, retool, and enhance existing practices and technologies for the cloud. This whitepaper covers...

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  • 10 Myths in Selecting a Web Application Firewall

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By Akamai

    Securing your web applications can be a daunting task, especially without dedicated staff or training. A web application firewall (WAF) can keep threats at bay while preserving application performance, but how do you choose the right one? There are many solutions out there and selecting the right one for...

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  • Empower Your Business Through Better Security

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By Akamai

    Security is the foundation of success to any digital business. But security-related interruptions do happen, and can have far-reaching consequences such as losing customer trust and injuring your reputation. As a security or IT leader, part of your ongoing security, risk-management, and compliance strategy is sourcing the best...

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  • Quick glossary: Hybrid cloud technology

    Tools & Templates · Jul 2019 · Provided By TechRepublic Premium

    Keeping up with the latest in technological innovations requires a persistent pursuit of knowledge and understanding. The twenty-five concepts defined in this quick glossary will help you better understand hybrid cloud technology and how it can benefit your enterprise. From the glossary When cloud computing was first introduced as a...

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  • It’s Only Just Begun GDPR One Year On (French)

    White Papers · Jul 2019 · Provided By ForcePoint

    The GDPR was a refresh of Europe’s data protection laws, replacing the earlier legislation (from 1995) that predated the dotcom boom, social media, smart devices, and the cloud. The declared aims of GDPR were to strengthen citizens’ fundamental rights in the digital age and it introduced substantial changes in the...

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  • Learn the Fundamentals of Building Cloud Architectures to Drive Cost Efficiencies

    Live Event · Jul 2019 · Provided By Amazon Web Services

    Join Amazon Web Services (AWS) and global intelligence provider, IDC, for a training-based session on building cloud architectures with the most efficient use of services and resources. Learn how to apply best practices of the Well-Architected Framework, develop a lean cost culture, assess speed and cost tradeoffs, and discover...

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  • Alibaba Cloud Continues to Invest in Malaysia

    Resource Center · Jul 2019 · Provided By Alicloud

    Besides launching its first and second availability zones in the Malaysian data center in 2017 and 2018, Alibaba Cloud continues to invest in Malaysia by setting up their first cloud-based Anti-DDoS Scrubbing Center in August.2018. The center will mitigate risks and offer customers the highest level of protection against the...

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  • Alibaba Cloud - ECS Starter Package Plan

    Product Specs · Jul 2019 · Provided By Alicloud

    ECS is a simple and efficient computing service that features elastic processing capabilities. Create instances, change the OS, and add or release instances at any time to fit your business needs. Find out more about ECS features and benefits and start growing your business now!

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