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  • The Business Impact Of Investing In Experience

    White Papers // Oct 2018 // provided by Adobe Systems

    Customer experience has quickly moved from competitive differentiation to business imperative. In a world where the answer to almost any question is at our fingertips, where AI is becoming a part of everyday life, and where we can get a week's worth of groceries delivered to our homes in less...

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  • Special report: Tech budgets 2019: A CXO's guide (free PDF)

    Ebooks // Sep 2018 // provided by TechRepublic

    Business leaders have begun to look ahead to next year and plan where to focus their technology resources. This ebook, based on the latest ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature, explores how decision makers will get the maximum benefit from their IT dollars. From the ebook: Gartner’s latest forecast, released...

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  • IT budgeting: How to do it right (free PDF)

    Ebooks // Sep 2018 // provided by TechRepublic

    Hammering out an IT budget can be tedious and frustrating—but it’s also a prime opportunity to make strategic plans and set priorities for the year ahead. This ebook covers the basics and offers tips and best practices for building an effective budget with the least amount of stress. From...

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  • How to build a successful CIO career (free PDF)

    Ebooks // May 2018 // provided by TechRepublic

    Succeeding in the role of CIO requires a mix of skills that encompass leadership, business savvy, and technology. This ebook looks at the knowledge and expertise that will help you excel in this role. From the ebook: With digital transformation efforts underway at many companies, the CIO has...

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  • Digital transformation: An IT pro’s guide (free PDF)

    Ebooks // May 2018 // provided by TechRepublic

    IT pros are being tasked with implementing digital practices to improve business processes and operations. But may organizations are struggling to bridge the gap between innovation and execution of digital solutions. This ebook looks at the obstacles standing in the way of digital transformation, along with some strategies to overcome...

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  • How to manage job stress: An IT leader's guide (free PDF)

    Ebooks // Apr 2018 // provided by TechRepublic

    Working in tech offers numerous benefits, which may range from ongoing learning opportunities to problem-solving challenges to a hefty paycheck. But on the flip side, IT jobs often entail a lot of pressure, generating stress and leading to burnout. This ebook looks at some of the best ways to prevent,...

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  • 4 mobile security insights for CISOs

    White Papers // Apr 2018 // provided by Lookout

    Mobile devices have rapidly become ground zero for a wide spectrum of risk that includes malicious targeted attacks on devices and network connections, a range of malware families, non-compliant apps that leak data, and vulnerabilities in device operating systems or apps.Read the four mobile security insights CISOs must know to...

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  • eBook Mng Svc Success VAR

    Ebooks // Mar 2018 // provided by ConnectWise

    As a technology provider, you have a team to support, business to manage, and distributor relationships to maintain, all while providing your customers with the best possible service—and remaining profitable. This also means budgeting and planning for the future. These can all be tough tasks to manage. Growth can be...

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  • Telephone interview cheat sheet: Voice engineer

    Tools & Templates // Dec 2018 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Voice engineers are responsible for installing, operating, and managing voice communication systems—a critically important role for any business. This cheat sheet provides a section of general questions, followed by job-specific questions aimed at determining candidates’ experience, skills, and suitability for the voice engineer position. We've included sample answers, which you...

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  • Brute force and dictionary attacks: A guide for IT leaders

    Ebooks // Dec 2018 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    Brute force and dictionary attacks can threaten encrypted databases, password-protected documents, and other secure data, putting corporate assets at great risk. This ebook explains how the attacks work and how you can protect your systems against them. From the ebook: What is a brute force attack? Brute...

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