Digital Transformation

  • Introducing The True Alternative Cloud

    Downloads · Jan 2019 · Provided By OVH

    OVH’s Private Cloud offers the best of both worlds: the power of dedicated resources, with the flexibility of cloud computing. It represents a genuine alternative cloud – one that delivers control, scalability and predictable costs for global organisations. Based on VMware’s industry-leading Software-Defined Datacentre, dedicated resources can be deployed in...

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  • Databases on Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes Service

    White Papers · Jan 2019 · Provided By NetApp

    Robust, high-performing, and scalable storage in the cloud is essential for deploying a database system, where the reliable storage and retrieval of data across hundreds or thousands of concurrent client connections is paramount. Large organizations rely on their databases to be the permanent system of record for all business...

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  • File Services with Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes Service

    White Papers · Jan 2019 · Provided By NetApp

    File shares provide data access and management capabilities for files to any client, in any geography and data format, at any scale. Migrating file share workloads to the cloud offers the benefit of limitless scalability, while transparently addressing concerns about high availability and resilience to system failure. With SMB-...

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  • Inspire Innovation with Cloud

    Ebooks · Jan 2019 · Provided By NetApp

    Data is the lifeblood of modern business, and companies that succeed in their digital transformation can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Data-driven companies operate more efficiently and outperform the competition. Enterprises that are positioned to gain the greatest insights from data will decide the future. Deploying data services across...

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  • Talking Tech: Automate Cloud and Application Security Deployments with Barracuda and Puppet

    Webcasts · Jan 2019 · Provided By Puppet Labs

    This on-demand webinar will highlight how to successfully deliver a holistic approach to IT Infrastructure with an emphasis on speed, simplicity and security. Together, AHEAD and Puppet will discuss the challenges that arise when transforming how and where you run your infrastructure and applications. With AHEAD’s Enterprise Cloud Delivery Framework,...

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  • How To Keep IoT Deployments Safe & Secure For The Future

    White Papers · Jan 2019 · Provided By Aeris Systems

    Knowledge and preparedness are key determinants for how successful any IoT security implementation will be, even when facing the unknown. By building comprehensive security measures into the ecosystem first, before a single device is activated, you can create a secure foundation that will last well into the future. No IoT...

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  • Workplace 2020 The technology that powers the near-future office

    White Papers · Jan 2019 · Provided By HP

    We are entering a new era of IT one that fundamentally re imagines where we work, the way we work, and how we provide the tools for work. Businesses are yet to catch up to the cultural and technological changes occurring around them. They are aware of the seismic technologies...

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  • Four Digital Strategies to Meet Customer Demands in Real Time

    White Papers · Jan 2019 · Provided By Microsoft

    This e-book explores how to create a unified vision for your organization by combining your information and processes onto a single platform. Discover four digital strategies to unify your organization: Prospect to cash. Gain a complete and connected view of your customers and operations. Connected field service. Improve customer satisfaction...

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  • The Essential Guide to Preparing Your Network for the Cloud

    Ebooks · Jan 2019 · Provided By Citrix

    Every cloud transformation project is different. Some organizations start small by providing access to a few SaaS apps, while others migrate their existing apps as well. But there’s one thing each of these cloud journeys has in common: a goal to deliver a strategic impact for the business. In this...

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  • Your Company’s journey to the Cloud

    Ebooks · Jan 2019 · Provided By Citrix

    Today, a major revolution is turning these advantages upside down as the most progressive mid-sized companies are seeing amazing growth and successfully taking on the giants in every market. The driver behind all of this change is out there for all to see: new applications, processes and technologies; all powered...

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