The latest vendor assets for business technology professionals show you how to follow online sales from cost control and supply chain management through to transaction processing and fullfilment.

  • The Rise and Rise of FP & A

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Anaplan

    The ultimate goal of a well-resourced FP&A function is to feed into the strategic discussions taking place at the top table. Businesses are increasingly aware of the competitive advantage financial planning and analysis can add by providing better visibility. But they’ll need resources, technology, talent and a collaborative culture...

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  • Keep your business agreements moving forward at lightning speed.

    White Papers · Feb 2019 · Provided By DocuSign

    Sending a contract for electronic signature from Salesforce is simple, and when you automate time-consuming manual workflows, you eliminate rekeying of data and increase your productivity. Download this datasheet to learn how DocuSign handles many different scenarios, including: • Multiple signers • Specified signer routing order • Custom workflows

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  • Keep business moving forward with DocuSign for Salesforce

    Videos · Apr 2018 · Provided By DocuSign

    Listen to this On-Demand webinar showcasing how organisations like LEAP Legal Software have reduced the time to sign documents from days to minutes, eliminated errors, ensured compliance and recognised a sizeable return on investment.

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  • Salesforce closes 90% of deals in one day

    White Papers · Apr 2018 · Provided By DocuSign

    Salesforce has achieved fast results by integrating DocuSign for Salesforce. When the quoting process for a customer is complete, account executives send eligible contracts for signature with just a single click from Salesforce. Discover how through our own longstanding partnership with Salesforce, DocuSign has been able to help them globally...

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  • Local Measure achieves a 70% improvement in contract turnaround time

    White Papers · Apr 2018 · Provided By DocuSign

    Local Measure helps businesses uncover new insights about customers and visitors to their venues. Download this case study to learn how Local Measure uses DocuSign for Salesforce to experience the benefits of 99% paperless office including: - $100 and one x hour saved per contract - 70% improvement in contract...

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  • Feature comparison: E-commerce services and software

    Tools & Templates · May 2019 · Provided By Tech Pro Research

    For modern businesses, e-commerce is the common mechanism by which products and services are made available to a worldwide marketplace. Deploying the best e-commerce solution for your business will require a thorough examination of your current business needs and a clearly documented assessment of features and tools. These guidelines and...

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  • The Complete Guide to Performance Testing Your Retail Websites and Apps

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Akamai Technologies

    Retailers competing in the high-pressure world of eCommerce have many challenges. Not only do you need to provide an interesting and compelling shopping experience, you also need to make that experience fast and reliable. But this doesn't need to be difficult - check out our best practices guide that includes:...

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  • Competitive Edge in the Cloud

    Ebooks · Apr 2019 · Provided By Akamai Technologies

    Your business relies on the cloud for agility, cost savings, and scalability, but how do you ensure that the cloud technologies enabling your business aren’t also introducing security risks, impacting customer experience (CX), or costing more than anticipated? This new e-book explains how Akamai’s cloud delivery platform is designed...

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  • The Business Value of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Red Hat

    Organisations increasingly require their IT organisations to lead efforts to embrace digital transformation and compete effectively with the broader digital transformation occurring around them. This means that IT organisations must use an IT infrastructure that offers scale, reliability, and performance and flexibility for their business applications. However, the imperative to...

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  • Building The B2B Omni-Channel Commerce Platform of the Future

    White Papers · Mar 2019 · Provided By SAP

    Driven by their online buying experiences, savvy business to business (B2B) buyers are demanding omni-channel capabilities when making work-related purchases. But for B2B sellers in today’s rapidly changing world, building an effective omni-channel experience for buyers is not easy. It requires integrating world-class technology while transforming legacy structures and processes....

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