Internet of Things

  • Build smarter cities with Oracle

    Ebooks · Nov 2020 · Provided By Oracle

    Hyperconnectivity is the future of smart cities, but achieving it isn’t an overnight change. The technological transformation challenge facing city leaders is not just keeping up with heightened demands and soaring expectations - it’s knowing where to go next. This eBook covers the technologies and approaches that can unlock greater...

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  • Enrich the Client Experience with VMware Edge Network Intelligence™

    White Papers · Oct 2020 · Provided By VMware

    An AIOps solution for a distributed and secure workplace. Ensures end user and IoT client performance, security, and self-healing through wireless and wired LAN, SD-WAN and SASE. Download the full solution overview to get the details.

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  • Hello 5G for business

    Resource Center · Oct 2020 · Provided By StarHub

    At StarHub, we believe in inspiring digital innovation and transforming the future for customers. To move beyond the hype and enable real opportunities as well as new experiences and capabilities to make a positive impact. We know the power of 5G to change any steady-state. The way we work, play,...

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  • FlashSystem: The Centerpiece of the One-Platform Approach

    White Papers · Sep 2020 · Provided By IBM

    The rise of the digital economy is fueling great interest in pursuing digital transformation, but for many organizations, the race to integrate new technologies has proven to be complicated. To simplify their IT environments, control costs, and speed operations, businesses need a single, consolidated platform that serves a diverse set...

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  • Announcing the Launch of Ivanti Neurons — The Hyper-Automation Platform

    Live Event · Aug 2020 · Provided By Ivanti

    Remote working is the next normal—with employees expecting engaging, consumer-like experiences while working anywhere, anytime. Yet enterprises must manage all these new challenges without a proportional increase in budget or resources. Ivanti Neurons is the hyper-automation solution you need to transform your enterprise. Autonomously self-heal endpoints and edge devices....

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  • OnDemand: Why Edge Computing Could Be Your Key to New Markets

    Webcasts · Aug 2020 · Provided By Lumen

    Digital businesses excel at being connected – to their customers, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders at all times, anywhere in the world. This connectivity can help your digital business evolve toward data-driven operations, empowering the organization to deliver innovative products and services that drive greater revenue. But what is the...

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  • How to Calculate ROI on IoT in Water Utilities

    White Papers · Jul 2020 · Provided By Telstra

    Quantifying your return on investment in transformative technologies can be hard sometimes. It is particularly true of the Internet of things, as each industry, segment and organization has its own goals, challenges, and operating characteristics. This analysis evaluates the typical return water utilities like yours can expect from an...

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  • Mobile Security Summary

    White Papers · Jun 2020 · Provided By Telstra

    As our lives become more connected, cyber security has emerged as a top-of-mind issue for business leaders and governments right across the world. With cybercrime increasing, organisations of all kinds are regularly experiencing breaches that interrupt operations, compromise customer privacy and in the very worst cases irretrievably damage reputations or...

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  • Scaling IoT for water networks

    White Papers · Jun 2020 · Provided By Telstra

    Digitisation is transforming all sectors of the Australian economy. To guarantee a more secure and sustainable water future, the water sector is embracing digital solutions to develop new capabilities. This will help benefit a substantial amount of areas, particularly customer experience, operational efficiency, environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance. Learn...

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  • Stimulating innovation and improving quality in your business

    White Papers · May 2020 · Provided By Dell Technologies and Microsoft

    Like businesses of all sizes, midmarket firms have an ongoing need to stimulate innovation and improve quality. Midmarket firms need to balance these requirements against a backdrop of limited scale, rapid market change and constraints on resources that can be dedicated to shaping the future, rather than reacting to the...

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